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Vista Outdoor

Vista Outdoor RCBS 99060

Product Code : 076683990600


Mfg Item #: 99060

The diehard Cowboy Action Shooter not only uses authentic firearms and loads with black powder but would like to use period-correct all-brass shotshell ammunition. But with no good way to reload them colorful plastic hulls continue to be used. The RCBS Cowboy Shotshell die answers this need. Designed to be used in any RCBS single-stage press with a removable die bushing it performs just like a rifle sizing die. The Cowboy Shotshell Die first sizes and de-primes the case; re-priming is done with the standard priming provided with the press. A shotshell press fills the case with powder seats the wad and spacers and dispenses the shot charge. Remove the sizing ring and install the finish crimp. Place the over-shot card onto the charge and run up into the die to roll crimp the case mouth.

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